High Income People Often File Bankruptcy Under Chapter 7

Eligibility to file under Chapter 7 does not depend on income alone. It also depends on household expenses, household size, types and amount of debt, and other special circumstances. Do not assume just because you are high income that you can't file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Discharges Judgments

In California, bankruptcy can discharge personal liability for most unsecured judgments.

Retain and Pay for Vehicles

In California, you are not required to reaffirm a vehicle loan if you want to keep the vehicle in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As long as you keep making payments in full and on time, you can usually keep the vehicle without reaffirming.

Chapter 13 Can Resemble a "Long" Chapter 7

Chapter 13 plans can have very low monthly payments. Many Chapter 13 filers discharge the vast majority of their unsecured debts at the end of their Chapter 13.