Schedule an Appointment with Law Offices of Karen Ware PC

The typical bankruptcy case in our office has three steps / meetings prior to filing your bankruptcy case.

Step One: Free, Initial Phone Consultation

The first step in working with our office is a free, initial phone consultation. You don't need an appointment-- just give us a call. If you prefer to make an appointment, you can use this link:

Free, Initial Phone Consultation with Attorney Karen Ware

You will want to have some information handy when you call for your free initial phone consultation. Information Needed for Free, Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

Step Two: Intake Meeting in Office or on ZOOM

After you have completed your free, initial phone consultation, the next step is an intake meeting in one of our offices. The intake meeting can also be completed on ZOOM.

Once you have scheduled your intake appointment, you will receive (1) an emailed online questionnaire and (2) a list of documents to upload. Please complete the questionnaire and upload the documents before your meeting. If you prefer to bring hard copies of the documents with you to the intake meeting, that's fine too.

Please schedule your intake meeting using the links below:

Schedule an Intake Meeting at our Oxnard Office

Schedule an Intake Meeting at our Westlake Village Office

Schedule an Intake Meeting on ZOOM

Step Three: Review Your Documents with Attorney Karen Ware

We will contact you to schedule your document review appointment when your bankruptcy documents are ready. Documents are typically ready for review 1-2 business days after your intake appointment.