Welcome to Law Offices of Karen Ware PC- An Oxnard, CA and Thousand Oaks, CA Bankruptcy Firm

Our practice focuses on helping people find peace of mind by discharging their debts and protecting their assets.

We understand personal financial issues have become much more complicated in the past few decades. The costs of housing, child care, medical care, and education have risen much more quickly than wages. It is almost impossible to build savings while also paying high credit card and medical bills.

Bankruptcy’s fresh start helps you save for a home, your retirement, or education expenses. The Law Offices of Karen Ware PC can help you solve your immediate financial problems, protect and keep the assets you already have, and reach your financial goals.

In addition to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy services, we offer comprehensive debt lawsuit defense, garnishment and levy defense, tax debt defense, and judgment resolution.