Karen did an amazing job handling my bankruptcy. She is very relatable and down to earth. She explains the process of bankruptcy in terms I could understand. The process was smooth and streamlined. I was able to upload all my documents through a secure portal. Our meetings were via Zoom which was very convenient as I have a very busy schedule. She fought hard to get me the best outcome and I am so very grateful. I would absolutely recommend her if you find yourself facing the challenge of going through a bankruptcy.
– Client S.L.
If you are looking for the best professional, knowledgeable and caring bankruptcy attorney, with straightforward fair pricing, look no further. Karen Ware is the one you want to represent you. She will walk you patiently through every step of the bankruptcy process, making sure you understand every aspect. She makes everything easy to understand, and the whole process as easy as possible to go through. Karen always has your best interest at heart in how she guides and represents you. You can trust her implicitly. She supports and cares for her clients every step of the way. She always has an open line of communication ready and willing, for all your questions and concerns, and answers quickly and considerately. She is clear and fair on her pricing for her services. You will get no ambiguity, hidden fees, or surprise charges. She will make sure you have the best outcome for your particular bankruptcy. You will definitely, unequivocally receive the best representation when you choose Karen Ware for your bankruptcy.
– Client H.C.
We were a little in denial when we called Karen. We had never missed a payment and we wanted to protect our credit. But the minimum payments were killing us. We filed bankruptcy, wiped out our credit card debts, and bought a home a little more than two years after filing bankruptcy. We would still be struggling to pay minimums if we hadn’t filed. I’m glad Karen was clear and direct with us about our options.
– Client M.B.

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