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The process of filing bankruptcy has become more complex over the years, and that is not an accident. Changes to the bankruptcy law in 2005 made the process more complicated, after intense lobbying by the credit industry.

Even so, our firm's procedures make filing bankruptcy as easy and efficient as possible. We ask clients to provide information early in the process, which allows clients to feel a sense of relief very soon after contacting us.

Getting Started Is a Three-Step Process

Step One: Free Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we want to understand the problems you are trying to solve by filing bankruptcy. We also discuss your monthly income and expenses, assets, debts, and any recent transactions that may affect the timing of a bankruptcy filing.

Step Two: Intake Appointment

During the intake appointment, we gather the information we need to prepare your bankruptcy filing. When you leave this meeting, you will be 90% done with the entire process of filing bankruptcy.

We ask you to complete an online bankruptcy questionnaire prior to your appointment. We also send a link for you to upload your supporting documents through our encrypted client portal. If you prefer to bring hard copies to your intake meeting, that's ok too.

Step Three: Document Review and Case Filing

A day or two after your intake appointment, we will have your bankruptcy filing ready to review. We review it with you page by page and explain all the calculations to you. Once you have signed your court documents, we file your case.

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